Thursday, 9 October 2014

Flower arrangements and watercolour

I am holding onto the last bit of summer. I have been into the garden and it has been so mild that I still have lavender and a wild strawberry.  It's looking though as if it now needs a bit of attention and some winter pots need to be done. I think I may do Cyclamen baskets - perhaps.  As I am still in summer mood I thought I would post a couple of pictures. One is of a summer flower arrangement. I love Sea Holly and the coral roses. I have been busy painting a water colour shell post card this afternoon. I think I will introduce a series of them for next summer. They would sell nicely at the coast or somewhere that sells seaside bits. I know I should be onto the Christmas cards but as I said I still have summer on my mind ! ( I have indulged myself just for today) tomorrow I am going to make some felted poppies.


Debbie said...

Lovely, Sally.
You have hidden talents. I love the shell painting.
Im pleased you are doing something nice for yourself now you have an empty nest.
We must meet for a coffee - come here sometime. less busy in a few weeks. xx

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Hi Debbie, thank you :) I am enjoying doing the painting I really like it. I want to get back to a bit of sewing too! Coffee would be great look forward to that. I will be in touch xxx