Saturday, 6 October 2012

A glimpse of Paris

This summer I visited Paris with my daughter for two nights.  It was just enough not to break the bank but to get a feel for the city.  I can see why Paris has such a romantic reputation I was quite taken with it.
There are large old buildings along tree lined boulevards you can imagine the old mellow facades hide apartments with " little Paris kichens" like Rachel Khoos.  Once upon a time they were probably whole town houses with maids,chandeliers and parties perhaps this is still the case with some of them behind the wrought iron and faded grandure of the exteriors.

There is a network of about 300 metro stations making it easy to explore the city they seem to pop up everywhere.  Musicians are allowed to play in the carriages I can't remember ever seeing this in London.  It is great being seranded along to see the sights.  It's these seemingly small things that give Paris it's unique essence.
The Eiffel tower like a giant lace meccano set reaching up to the sky.

Famous parisian macaroons.

great little bikes a popular mode of transport

Roses in Paris


gilly said...

Je t'aime Paris! I have been sooo many times, and still each time I go, I discover something new. Glad you enjoyed it too :-)

gillyflower said...

Lucky, lucky you and your daughter! I love Paris too and havent been for years, sigh...Your photos are wonderful, hope you both had a great time.
Just found your blog via Gilly, and I am also lucky enough to live in Kent!
Have a great week

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

I would like to visit Paris again and take some time going round the museums but will have to do a bit of saving first :)

Maria Glazacheva said...

WOW vous etait a Paris !! ? COOL !!

Bonne journée!!
xxx Maria xxx