Sunday, 27 May 2012

Making and baking

This afternoon has been very indulgent.  I have tried out a new cake tin  that has been sitting in my cupboard for quite a while now.  It was the pretty shape that attracted me.  The recipe used icing sugar, flours,baking powder and butter the cakes came out with a bit of a biscuit consistency quite short  or perhaps that was because they could have done with 5 mins less cooking anyway  maybe I will perfect them another day !
I have also made another one of Suzi Johns knitted flowers as described in my last post, I have added
a felt button embellished with yellow french knots to give it a bit of texture.  It would also make a nice brooch if it was backed with felt and put on a brooch pin.
Have a great week  :)


oldthings said...

Dear ,
The cakes look delicious ! Thank you for your comment

found and sewn said...

I love the look of your delicious cakes...yummy x

Debbie said...

Sally, the daisy is lovely! Now after our phone conversation this evening I think you should be relaxing after work by knitting lots of these (and others), with your feet up, in front of the TV and selling them on-line!

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Thank you ladies for your comments I love hearing from you all. Debs you are a born teacher thank you so much for encouraging me I know it sounds odd but I have never really thought of sitting with my feet up and knitting is the perfect thing to do while resting ! Have a great Jubilee weekend.
Sally x

Anonymous said...

That bag looks amazing. Those cakes look yummy.Nice to meet you.

gilly said...

Hi there, just stumbled upon your blog and these cakes drew me in! They look truly yummy :-)
Have a lovely weekend,
Gilly (your new follower!)

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hi Sally, thank you for following my blog! I came over to say hi and I've fallen in love with the cameo on your sidebar - it's gorgeous!! Did you make it?? Also love your daisy, I'm not very good with my hands - can't sew on a button so I really admire people who can make beautiful delicate things. Look forward to reading more.


Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Hi Sharon thank you for your kind comments. I mounted the cameo on some silk and embroidered french knots and bullion roses around the edge of the heart. Your blog is lovely every success with your new shop.
Sally :)

Cupcakes Argentina said...

Your cakes are lovely!



LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hi Sally, thank you so much for your lovely comments!! It's soooo nice to have the support and good wishes from all my blog friends - thank you!


Helen - And Who Says You Cant? said...

Hey :-) you've not posted anything recently. I'm looking forward to your next one. Hope to see it soon :-)

Debbie said...

What happened to your post about Paris? I can't find it!
How are you? We must have that Saturday in Rochester soon xx

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Hi Debbie my friend Paris post coming soon ! Rochester sounds good speak soon xxx

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Hi Debbie my friend Paris post coming soon ! Rochester sounds good speak soon xxx