Friday, 19 July 2013

Wedding momentos

Wedding collage momentos  are a wonderful way to capture memories from this special time.  Once arranged a photo is taken.  This is  a collage board using a  rose watercolour, some hand picked lavender and a gorgeous lace motive decorated with pearls plus a little bit of sparkly net just right for a wedding momento.  I have added a pink heart as we often give this type of thing to our special friends as little decorative gifts. 


Maria Glazacheva said...

Oh c`est tres jolie !! :0)
Merci de m`avoir visitee et de devinir mon membre ! Moi je suis deja le votre aussi!

Bonne semaine!!

Maria xxx

Debbie said...

Hi Sally, Have you been painting!
They're lovely - you clever thing.
I never knew you could paint.
We must have a catch up xx

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Thank you ladies I have rediscovered an old love xxx

Fran Hillman said...

Hello Sally,
Thank you for commenting on my blog and I'm so pleased you've come back to watercolour too. You're quite right we mustn't let that negative voice in our heads rule us!