Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A piece of advice

Todays question from the blog spot challenge set by "story of my life" is to give a piece of advice anything at all.  I find this quite hard but I am attempting to try something new in the self help area and that is as where possible as soon as I think to do something to actually do it for example it is bin day tomorrow and I thought this morning oh I will put that out when I get in later.  Instead I put it out when I went and was not therefor greeted by garbage when I got in later and so was able to instead have a nice cup of tea and write this post instead of doing the bins bags!!! I hate black sacks why can't they be pink.  I am going to try to keep this one going  :)  x  ps have you ever seen fly ladies website she has lots of this sort of advice.
And life will be more serene imagine a kitchen without visible paperwork because it has been  all nicely filed having been dealt with immediately what joy.  Have a great evening see you tomorrow with  the next May challenge question.

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Debbie said...

Such a good idea Sally. I do try to do just that, but sometimes things get forgotten or left (like the washing up after the evening meal and I therefore have to do it in the morning!)
It's the washing that I must put straight away - instead of leaving it folded up in the laundry basket!