Tuesday, 23 October 2012

winter pots

 A blustery autumnal day just right for a bit of potting up.  It's quite a nice idea to place some of the pots so that they can be seen and enjoyed from inside too.  I have grouped some on a table.  I do also think the shelter of a wall or house is good to stop the pots cracking and to help protect the plants a bit.  The cyclamen have provided  a nice bright colour.   This a rewarding autumnal treat which will last through the winter.   I have popped in a few bulbs for spring. Now I can sit back while nature rests the garden and gardeners through the winter, perhaps sitting by a cosy fire or maybe some brisk cold  frosty walks.   Anyway happy gardening  or leaf sweeping as I have been doing today   :)

Potted beauties

My father's dog is wondering if he can get those fish ! he also ran off with the  pots and rubber goves!

gorgeous colour I love pinks

Inside the greenhouse

Cyclamen a winter staple

Have a great week dear friends x    :)


gillyflower said...

Hi Sally
Your flowering pots are looking very pretty and healthy. The cyclamen are beautiful, and I love the pink heather.
I seem to have lost my gardening mojo this year, I went as far as buying a few cyclamen last week but still havent potted them up.
Have a great week
Gill xx

gilly said...

Your pots are looking lovely. I planted some spring bulbs in my cutting garden & one of my dogs dug most of them up again - aaargh!!

found and sewn said...

They look lovely! I'm hoping to plant up some tulip bulbs this weekend.