Friday, 3 June 2011


I love searching through my collections of threads and ribbons for the pure joy of creativity.  Thinking what I might do next. Today  I was looking at my books on samplers.  Samplers  are a glimpse into history a record in stitch.  They often dipict flowers and letters and little animals - perhaps the owners pets.  We have our modern day versions birth and wedding samplers are popular providing enjoyment to the maker and recipient alike.  I made a lovely sampler several years ago for a colleague it was a beautiful basket of doves ribbons and I think pink roses with little beads.  I put in a bible blessing verse for the bride and groom.   When I went over to Ireland for the wedding  the brides mother already had it on the wall.  I was so touched to think that it was already treasured.  I have a sampler half finished at the moment it is an Anne Lane design called Beekeeper's Sampler on 100% linen - one of my favourite materials such a pleasure to sew on.
Above is a picture of it so far.  I love working with hoops it really helps with your tension but is a good idea to pad the edges of the ring to help stop marking and to loose or take out the work at the end of your sewing session.  The pin cushion in the picture is a design by the Royal School of Needlework that I made several years ago - I have had it as a little picture and then backed it to use as a pincusion.  I don't think I will use the rest of the beekeepers pattern I think I will make up my own design maybe from some inspiring  pictures of garden flowers that I took recently.  I will leave you to ponder on their lovely faces   :)

Have a great Friday x


Debs said...

Lovely photos Sally. Looking forward to seeing your finished sampler.
BTW I can see your followers - they are showing up on your blog on my computer!!

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

Thank you I would like to finish the sampler have to try not to be distracted ! Yes I can also now see my followers so that is good. Hope you have a nice week and enjoy this lovely sunshine :)