Monday, 23 May 2011

Kaleidoscope Ladies' Day

The Saturday before last we had a wonderful day at Jubilee Church  We started the day with a fabulous breakfast including pancakes !
 Breakfast was shared with some lovely friends.

 There were some fundraising goodies for sale for the Year of Training Students.

Also a great lunch !
 The day was to think about colour and our lives.
 We had fun discussing how colour is perceived.  How brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity, pink is a romantic colour and red emotionally intense - quite fascinating.  Here are a couple of the questions we discussed.   Maybe you would like to consider these too they were -  Have you surrounded yourself with others who complement and enhance your colour?  What brings out your colour and what blots out your colour?
Two key things are spending time with the right people and dwelling on the right things.

In the afternoon there were lots of workshops.  I did felt making here are some pics from our group.  I had never done this before and I am looking forward to continuing with my new found skill.

 I have arranged my felt into a flower to keep on my craft bookshelf to remind me of the day.
 One of our group did a sea scene.  Isn't it lovely.

 Crafting supplies.
 Flower arranging workshop the ladies did some stunning displays.

As you can see cake was also a feature, look at these dear little cupcakes.
 There was a beautiful flag dance display.
 My other choice of workshop was a health session with the owner of Curves Gym.  It was probably one of the most impacting talks I have ever had on food.
We started with writing down the colours of the foods we had eaten the day before a very interesting exercise !  We discussed food colours and food.  We were encouraged to make healthy food choices.
It was brilliant and it was amazing how it slotted so beautifully into the day.   
" It is so important that we take time out - to have outrageous fun,to deepen friendships and to quieten our hearts in our Father's presence ".   I came away with a new skill, deepened friendships, some nuggets of wisdom and a new perspective.  In our busy days it is good to "open our eyes to the kaleidoscope of colours around us "

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