Saturday, 7 May 2011

Visit to Cranbrook Kent

 I visited Cranbrook this morning to go to Debs and Lindas first Kitsch and Stitch fair.  Cranbrook is a delightful place to visit.  It is quintessentially English indeed it is situated in the Garden of England.  Pretty white weather boarded houses line the narrow streets with well cared for gardens.  There are coffee shops, florists, gifts shops,boutiques with lovely clothes and shoes, a place to buy materials and a haberdashery.  It even has its own windmill.  It seems to have most things and oodles of quaintness.
 I met a friend on the way to the fair so that was an unexpected surprise so we went in together.  The hall was already busy and I thought I was quite early.  This is Debs Pretty Goods stall. The scent of her lovely lavender sachets appliqued with hearts wafted up to me, she was soon in the process of selling one of her darling little bags.  There were lots of other lovely stalls, one with tea cups and candles and Mandi Made cards and framed pictures.  There was also an area laden with homemade cakes and  refreshments.  I had a very good slice of cake and coffee.  This provided enought sugary energy to leave the bustling fair and browse around the town.
 After going in quite a few shops I came to this little gem so pretty called Maisie K  there was some really nice painted furniture and lots of gifts a feast for the eyes all beautifully arranged in the shop.
 Below are pretty flowers outside one of the florists.
 This is an interior photo of Maisey K  the girl in the shop told me they have a website called
I had a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday morning in Cranbrook with my friend.  It was great to see Debs again and the  first Kitsch and Stitch fair looked like a fabulous success - congratulations to Debs and Linda  x
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Letticeleaf said...

Sally, so pleased you enjoyed our first Kitsch and Stitch fair - all our hard work certainly paid off. Over breakfst this morning Hubs said can you believe it was a week ago at this time that we were worrying that not many people would come! The place was BUZZING and the response from stallholders and visitors exceeded our wildest dreams! Debs and I were blown away by the success.

The next one is Saturday 3rd September, same time, same place!

Sorry about the plug!?! LLX