Saturday, 23 April 2011


I have been making flowers today out of wired ribbon.  I go to a ladies craft evening called Expresso and we are making flowers so these will be  samples.  I have added a piece of pink net in the centre of the white organza one.  I think it would be quite nice as a corsage.   The colour of the other smaller pink one reminds me of apple blossom and I put this one on some green velvet ribbon for leaves and a length of white ribbon that could be sewn onto a little silk bag.  The heart in the third picture down is by Deborah Good-Pretty Goods. Anyway I have had a bit of a creative time today. 
The weather is so great at the moment just right for a holiday weekend.  Hope you enjoy yours :)


Debs said...

These are lovely Sally. Are you teaching the flower making? Take some pictures of everyone's flowers for us all to see.
Happy Easter, by the way!

Shoreham Cottage Gifts said...

A friend has started a craft evening once a month she oversees the projects and the evenings. They are a good opportunity to get together and have coffee and cake and be creative or just chill and have coffee and cake and a chat!!! I have a nicely decorated recipe book for all my recipes that are on bits of paper.
She knows I like flowers and sewing so I am just going to help her this time. You are very welcome to join us but I will take pictures and show you all x